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Our Mission

To help Businesses of every size to improve their marketing efforts through better stories that connect with local people. Helping Non Profit Organization to find ways to self finance them; creating strategic alliances with small businesses in their area.

To help brands scale their content marketing efforts so they can reach their customers in an affordable way by earning their attention instead of buying it.

And so, to help brands build and scale their content marketing efforts. And to set themselves up to achieve their business objectives and a solid return on their investment (ROI.)

Over the past 12 months, I’ve spoken to a lot of brands and Pastors that understand the value of content marketing but don’t know how to execute it. Which is totally fine because we’re here to help.

I’ve found that many brands pay for content and software and then realize they don’t know what to do with it. Content Marketing is still relatively new to many of us and we’re here to help.

Content marketing is a strategic solution to a strategic problem. Content should be an asset inside your company. One that provides a real and measurable ROI. Content is not a cost. And we are here to help show you how.

1 Millon de Bolsas de donacion para alimentar a los Ninos y financiar Organizaciones Not Profit


Our project is conceived to involve our Local Small Business ,churches and members communities that are in them.

We divided the project into four modules:
1. Marketing for Local Small Businesses and Products.
2. Donations and self-financing of the Churches and Non Profit Organization.
3. Marketing of Churches.
4. General Education.

 Creation of services to promote Local Small Businesses and MLM Products

Search methods for self-financing of the project and integration of local Small Business to network.
There local businesses are not allowed to have funds to pay for advertising campaigns on radio or TV. We will make disposition of these companies the ability to use our services at good prices; them to participate in the project would generate funds to finance Non Profit organization into the area.
Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Products , as ClickMaster,Twittmate, 4Life Research Fortify and ACN, may contribute financially entire project cost, while we provide the opportunity for members of the community associated with the network aware of good products .

General Education
Having specialized information in different areas, to increase the cultural level of the community.
In our communities there are specialists who could contribute to the cultural development of the communities, we could count on your service either editing an article, either offering their free time to serve in any scheduled activity.
Could join the community work with our community service programs within our community’s officers, including work with the chambers of commerce.
We can create a blog that will allow us to engage the community sharing their opinions .

Marketing of Churches.

Provide our local churches promotion of activities that help the development of our communities, to increase the chances of evangelization. This service is free and we want the lowest possible cost.


We use our databases of businesses around the area of action of our churches to make them aware of all the activities to be developed in our community. Engaging business owners to participate in the project by sending to their employees these calendars and talking to them they can find them in our project these calendars.

The activities to be announced can help our community. Examples of these activities are Health Fairs., Food fairs, seminars marriages.

As you build the project, different techniques will be incorporated to achieve our goals:

  • Email Campaign: will allow us to making known to our future members of the Network its existence and its benefits for both parties. The calendars of activities be hosted in our Web and Network members receive a weekly email reminding them to update on programs.
  • PBX_Dailer_CallCenter: We may use VoIP technology to have more direct contact with our members and allow us to do so bells automated promotions activities, reminding our members and future participants of the proximity of the exits.
  • Social Media Sharing.

Donations and self-financing of the Churches.

Find ways of self-financing of our churches and to support fundraising campaign donations and evangelization.

As we progressed the construction of our project ideas have been incorporated after being studied have decided to incorporate them into the mime. The reason is given that these ideas are integrated into the overall project purpose, that of serving others and provide new opportunities for spiritual, cultural and economic.
Under this concept we have incorporated 4Life Fortify donation program, which helps hungry children in the U.S. and around the world, and yet under the 4Life compensation program would help to self-finance our Churches. And with the desire to expand the great experience of pastors as Angel Molina, who once achieved success in 4Life, has been able to create with their own finances five churches and fund two of them. This donation program is administered by Feed the Children.

Working methods:
1. Natural donation program churches
2. Search within communities of companies that engage in donations; having direct benefit to them as their tax deductions.
3. 4Life creating structures of members of churches, as a means of improving their quality of life.



Nuestros Servicios:

Email Campaign

Creación de Email Campaign ,usando nuestras bases de datos de las compañías alrededor del área de acción de las Iglesias y las bases de datos de contactos las propias Iglesias que se vallan integrando al NetworK; de forma tal que todos los miembros de las Iglesias dentro de la comunidad puedan participar en las actividades.

Las pequeñas compañías con bajos presupuestos de Marketing podrán recibir este servicio; para dar a  conocer sus servicios alrededor del área. Con el pago de este servicio por las mismas; todo el plan de actividades de las Iglesias al rededor del área de acción de la compañía podrá ser enviado a las compañías de la comunidad padre que sean puestos en los Board de actividades de las compañías.


 Este servicio consiste en poner a disposición de las Iglesias un servidor de comunicaciones, con el cual puedan llamar de forma automática a todos los contactos de su iglesia y a la vez a todas las compañías e instituciones que deseen que invitar a sus actividades.

Creando un Call Center Virtual; con los miembros de las Iglesias desde sus propias casas

Al crearse el Network entre todas la Iglesias se podría mantener este servidor de comunicaciones active todo el tiempo;

Objetivo para las Iglesias

Nuestro proyecto tiene como objetivo ayudar a las Iglesias de los EUA a tener una relación más amplia con las comunidades. Para eso nos proponemos crear un Network entre las Iglesias, los Pequenos negocios locales y los miembros de las comunidades.

Queremos que nuestra Web sea un punto de referencia para aquellas personas deseosas de hacer algo en su vida pero de una forma correcta. Instruyendo de tanto spiritual como profesionalmente; podremos apoyar a muchas personas deseosas de triunfar en sus vidas.

Existen muchos elementos que nos unen a la hora del servicio. Muchas actividades como Ferias de Salud, Seminarios de Matrimonios, Seminarios de Hábitos Alimenticios , Seminarios de Planificación Familiar; campanas de recaudación de fondos mediante ventas de alimentos; están siendo desarrolladas por nuestras Iglesias y el nivel de participación de la comunidad se ve limitada por el poco alcance de la propaganda que se realiza a las mismas.

Nuestro equipo de trabajo, desea poner a disposición toda herramienta disponible para que estas actividades puedan llegar a más personas. Muchas compañías dentro de nuestras comunidades podrían apoyar estas actividades haciéndoles llegar los calendarios de actividades a sus trabajadores.

Nuestro equipo de trabajo desea darles un servicio gratis a todas las Iglesias; porque estamos comprometidos en la obra del Evangelio. Para eso buscaremos las vías que nos ayuden a autofinanciar todo nuestro trabajo, incorporando productos y servicios que aporten reales beneficios a nuestra comunidades ya sea financieros como de bienestar Social.

Jorge Carlos Rodriguez Aguilar


The Motivation and Diligence; advantages

Once you understand that every effort is to undertake in your life has the great ability to be carried out successfully if he acts in a diligent, may be more prepared to start any project you want. And even able to retire on time, without damaging the image of a person or institution.

Assuming that the above dimensioned serious among the first great advantages, we can say that a diligent, to be planned and controlled in time their full potential may establish creative strategies to reach your goal.Knowing your limits, you may give the advantage of time and in that moment to resort to alternatives, and when could ask help people to achieve reliable overhead obstacles overcome. Meaning that you can have the control of the situations to be present and not be controlled by the situations.

This will bring in the best to find more satisfaction in itself, since every obstacle that comes your way you could bring a greater level of commitment in terms of planning and using new strategies. Recognize your weaknesses in a conscious way and make the career choices to overcome. It’s not a matter of going haphazardly playing, but playing well sunset’s anger and walk right into a right direction.

Once that search is well defined, this will give you the opportunity to find information in a precise place, one person at a specific time yet to be awarded for being recognized in the media that has play as a person of value and willing to be taken into account by others.

Many times we find that we started a project thinking that your goal will lead to a certain personal satisfaction that leads to happiness, but we can say that the act diligently, we can be found in the initial target process does not take us the state of happiness that aspired. Rather, it opened the door to gain knowledge and opportunity, new if you really make us feel totally satisfied.

This knowledge will allow to define the vanities often move our impulses, dreams and aspirations, and will lead us to a state best purest satisfaction, enduring and valuable.

At the end of this path act diligently, we can see that the great result of the effort will be a gain. This gain will be measured by the achievement of its objectives and Sean and economic gains to an individual and spiritual.


Many people to undertake a project of his life, whether personal or business, try to visualize the result immediately. This is given by human nature, the Law of Minimum Effort, indwelling innately, leads to that. However, the reality is different; we do not know that the absence of the ability to be diligent dwells in us.

And the immediate consequence of this deficiency is seen in our attitude, to think that every goal successfully achieved by others; automatically will also be achieved by oneself, so just get some methodologies, certain courses and instructions. The truth is that it is more complex than that, and all that is given we have to fight with an internal enemy called Sloth.

When we start something, once we think we can achieve the same result as the other person, in the same period, in the same way and even greater magnitude. In previous articles commented that although God created us with many gifts to men not all are expressed in the same way. Therefore everyone must perform according to that proportion.

Presume achieve the achievements of others, without assessing our own qualities and foremost, have a misconception of the Diligence, would lead us to make a big mistake: being egomaniacal. And the immediate result is to focus entirely on our interests, doing things in a way that would affect the interests of the people around us, leading to the destruction of relationships, families to focus on our own interests and not in others.

We commonly as the sources of bad opinions on specific projects, in which others have experienced success, are the result of the project itself, but the way that others have wanted to develop without the proper preparation and evil that has generated others, to just focus on their own needs.

By failing to act diligently these people can bring in their ignorance and lack of responsibility to act, committing actions that would bring serious consequences in the future environment in which they operate.

Job Opportunities

When creating a Network with companies associated with our communities. We could make the same concern we all need workforce among our community. So our Churches may offer opportunities to needy families of local jobs and solve their problems.


All Not Profit organization has in common with their goals to serve others, whether they are individuals or groups of individuals. It is at this point that our project wants to achieve integration between all these organizations.

We are part of a society where the state not only has to deal with the maintenance of minimum structure for the proper functioning of our democracies. All we are part of this society and we can do a lot to preserve those things that help to improve the development of our society.

Our opportunity through ACN use the opportunity to give us the best communications and energy companies, to get from 1-10% of the hiring of all essential services, on a good opportunity.

Taking advantage of the full capacity of call for all our non-profit organizations, we could capitalize much of that money to revive and strengthen the work of all these organizations. In this way we help our society has many more opportunities for spiritual growth and cultural.

The Orphanage Lily Of The Valley is a living example of what we could achieve if we work together on this project.

Our history

Hello to all;

My name is Jorge Carlos Rodriguez, CEO of DonationCommunityNetwork, welcoming everyone.

The project  DonationCommunityNetwork born when gradually the wisdom of the Word of God begins to work in my life and heart. For more than two years working in Real Estate Company, which implements the use of technology to promote the services of these companies.

At the beginning of the year 2013; visiting a library God put me in contact with a wonderful book. The Richest Man Who Ever Lived: King Solomon’s Secrets to Success, Wealth, and Happiness, written by Steve K. Scott. This book Christian oriented business world changed my perception of life and also gave me a vision of what I would like to do for the rest of my life.

We understood that new marketing products are not effective if you do not have a defined marketing strategy. In most cases, they are products with sequential technology and non-strategic. The reality is that we can not leave in the hands of technology, our findings. Humans are strategic, we adapt to the environment; and in the case of marketing must adapt to customer needs.

Thus was born,  DonationCommunityNetwork, a project to help peoples. Our mission is to create Network among all American Churches and Small Local Business, to assist in the growth of the spiritual and cultural well-being of our communities. While integrating all the local companies within them. Bringing products to help us fund the project, so that our churches receive a free service.

American Communication Network can be an effective way to finance my project and churches. Libertagia Mundial and Twittmate, provide for us marketing tools.4Life Fortify program, designed to help the children of the world in collaboration with Feed the Children.

This project is a project open to anyone wanting to serve others, applying their knowledge or will you finance through their contributions that help keep the project active for many years. We are open to receive any council to help us provide a quality service.