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1. Around Us Tab: Use this tab to highlight certain businesses or landmarks around you. Icons will show up on a map and users can click on those icons to show business contact information. Uses: – Highlight businesses you do business with or local companies around you – Use to promote events or locations

2. Call Us Tab: Instant click to call to either 1 or a data base of phone numbers Uses: – Click to call your direct line of a host of phone numbers by name or category

3. Car Finder Tab: Say goodbye to getting stuck looking for your car! Easily locate your vehicle when parked in a large parking area or garage. Just tag your vehicle via the GPS tagger when you arrive at your destination. When you are ready to leave, just open up the app and it will give you walking directions right back to your vehicle! Uses: – Handy added value benefit to add to any mobile app dealing with the automotive industry. Let’s users have a tool they can use at any time.

4. Contact Tab: List all your relevant contact information in 1 place! 1-touch click to call, GPS directions to your location, hours of operation, 1-touch click to your website, and the ability to add comments from app users to share testimonials or ask questions in real time! Uses: – Have a consolidated place to list everything about your business if you have a location people come to. Great for insurance, retail, pizza, any place you have events if you are mainly an online business. Almost any industry could use this feature.

5. Direction View Tab: If you have multiple locations that you want the ability for your users to have GPS directions to, this is the feature for you! List out all your locations by name and the built in maps feature will automatically pull up that location with GPS. Uses: – Great for any business with multiple locations that want an easy way to list locations and get driving directions from the app. Any business with locations would benefit using this feature.

6. Email Form Tab: Here is where you capture contact information to add to your email list or reach out in real time from hot prospects. Great place to put a call to action which being able to customize your web form. Ask multiple choice questions, fill in the blank, drop down menus, etc. Uses: – Setting up online appointments, growing email/SMS subscribers, capturing hot prospects with a call to action, getting new leads. This feature would be equivalent to having a lead capture form on your website. We include this feature in most of the apps we build. This is a must have!

7. Email Photo Tab: With this feature, it will allow the end user to utilize the camera within their smartphone to capture pictures and email them to you in real time. Use this to capture brand testimonials or utilization within your app. One of our apps we developed uses this feature to capture damage from car accidents to send instantly to insurance agencies. The possibilities are endless on how you want to use it in your app! Uses: – Sending real time photos instantly via email or social media. Utilizes built in camera to access photo gallery or take real time photos. Great for insurance companies, auto-repair shops, mechanics, testimonials, or a way to get users to send in photos for contests!

8. Events / Events v2: Do you host live events, webinars, seminars, or training? Use this feature to outline your online calendar of events. Share event details, registration links, anything you want to have available to your audience in a clean, easy to follow mobile format. Uses: – This feature is for anyone that hosts events, either online or offline. With the ability to setup reoccurring events, this makes it a breeze to setup your daily or weekly training activities within the app that automatically duplicate themselves at the appropriate times!

9. Fan Wall / Fan Wall v2: This feature has many uses. What this feature allows the end user to do, is upload their own picture and add a short text description right into the app itself in real time. The user doesn’t need to create an online profile or provide any personal information. We have integration with Facebook & Twitter which allows the user to login through any of those channels to post to the “Fan Wall”. This allows for multi-social media channel communication where a user from Facebook can be replying to a user on Twitter inside your Fan Wall! Uses: – We’ve already seen many different users to this feature. One app uses it to find lost pets where the user uploads the lost pet to local users to let them know their dog, cat, or other type of animal is missing. The users can also upload any pictures of stray animals they find and the app with tag their location so the users can find their lost pets. – Another way we’ve seen it used is for an actual “Fan Wall” where users can post their thoughts about the artist. We have an app for a music artist and the “Fan Wall” we integrated allows the fans to post their thoughts and reply to other’s posts in real time. – In my app, “Custom Online Branding”, I use the “Fan Wall” feature as a free advertising platform, allowing business professionals to post their offer inside that feature to get more eyes on what they are doing online. They can share a flyer or photo along with a description and URL and do it in real time. – As you can see, the limit is only your imagination when it comes to this new mobile technology.

10.Food Ordering Tab: Does your business sell food? Give your company a new market of revenue with online ordering! Put in your online menu and setup a fully integrated online eCommerce store within the app! Over a half a dozen online ordering vendor integration with a custom built Food Ordering setup built right in as well! Track orders right from your back office online dashboard along with customizing the ordering process like confirmation email, delivery fee, tax, hours of operation, and order status among other features. Uses: – Great for any business that wants to be able to take online orders from their mobile app for delivery or pick up! We make it simple to do business!

11.Google Ads Tab: Monetize your app with Google Ads! Not only can you monetize your mobile app with the features you build value with, but you can also monetize the user base! Get paid every time someone clicks on the ads Google inputs to your ad placements. No need to find buyers, we already have businesses ready to go that want to be placed inside someone’s ads! Uses: – Any business that wants to monetize the traffic their app has by including banner ads inside their app. The advertisers are already provided so all they need to do is fill in the blanks and go!

12.GPS Coupons: Getting creative with this feature makes is very fun! This feature allows you to have a text alert pop up to promote a coupon! For example: let’s say you have a happy hour promotion coupon you want to promote every Wednesday, or an event coming up in a city nearby. You can geo-target the location of this text alert coupon and when someone drives, walks, rides their bike or whatever near that location, a text alert will pop up on their phone giving them the coupon and a message to come in or go to a website! Uses: – This can be used to promote events, happy hours, anything you want, by location and time. A scavenger hunt type of promotion would be perfect for this type of feature!

13.Home Tab: This is a hidden tab in your mobile app to give the app the main information about your business. Some of the features are automated like 1-touch calling, directions, etc. and will allow you to list multiple business locations and phone numbers. This way when those options are chosen, you get a pop up asking which number or location are they choosing. Uses: – This is a must have feature in your app that just identifies your business so when someone is interested in getting in contact with you, they have all the accurate information.

14.Image Gallery Tab: Want to showcase multiple galleries of images? Maybe you want to let users see a portfolio of your work. This section lets you highlight images in a multiple formats that are appeasing to the end user and simple to navigate. Uses: – Great for businesses that want to showcase their visual side of their business. Any brand can use a photo gallery. Whether it a be for portfolios, satisfied clients, chain of command, etc. Get creative and let the visual learners see your photogenic side!

15.Info Tab (1,2,3-tier): Organize information about your business in levels or tiers. Choose from an option of 1, 2 or 3 tiers. Each page is setup with the ability customize as you wish with a WYSWYG editor. Uses: – This feature really lets you get into the creative side if you know how to capitalize on WYSWYG editors. Add pictures, gifs, videos, buttons, anything you can set your mind to. Mainly this would be used to highlight contact information and a short bio but feel free to let the creative side take over.

16.Loyalty Tab: This is a very fun feature that you can only get on a native app like this type of technology. Another great reason to upgrade your mobile website! With this feature, it will allow the user to gain stamps for certain achievements within your brand like a certain level of service, something you decide on that will give them a stamp. Similar to what you may have seen in salons or pizza shops where you get a business card that gets stamped every time you use their service. After a certain amount of stamps, you get a free bonus. Same exact concept but in digital form. The user gives you the phone or you give them the 4 digit code to stamp their “digital loyalty stamp card” and after a certain amount of stamps, which you specify, they get their bonus. Great way to incentive people to use the app! Uses: – Any business that likes to provide incentives to customers to return or refer customers to their business. I use the loyalty tab in my app for my “Send me 3, Yours Is Free” program. Every time someone sends me a referral, I give them a stamp. Once they get 3, they get a free gift from my company. You can use any incentive for the program, just find a way to get people to come back from more and you’ll have your campaign incentive.

17.Mailing List Tab: Easily add app users to your mailing list by offering an easy sign up form. Fully integrated from online email vendors like Mail Chimp, Get Response, Constant Contact, among others. Uses: – For those heavy online marketers who want to capitalize on hitting their prospects from all angles. On top of having the ability to text the app users at any time, the mailing list integration feature will let you also reach them by email as well!

18.Membership Tab: This feature will allow you to turn your app into a membership app, where users will have to create an account or use specific login credentials to access the app. You can either make it voluntary or mandatory, it’s up to you. Uses: – This is great for anyone who wants to have their app exclusive to paying members of a group or online site. Offer exclusive app only content that members need to have credentials to access. That will give it super exclusivity! Also lets you attract for leads by gaining more customer information!

19.Menu Tab: If you have a product or service you sell, this feature is one of the best ways to get it sold online. The Menu Tab will let you promote your product or services by category and lets you include a custom area of information with the WYSWYG editor. Uses: – Gives you the ability to organize products, services, or menu items all in 1 place with this native app feature. Look at this as an online catalog.

20.Merchandise Tab: Here is your more advanced eCommerce tool to sell your products & services. Integrates with some of the top eCommerce platforms while also providing our very own built in eCommerce setup. Track orders, inventory, and a host of many other features with this powerful platform. Uses: – Sell anything you want right from the mobile app with your very own mobile eCommerce store! Just set it up once and let your users take over!

21.Messages Tab: This is by far the most powerful feature you will have in your mobile app. With this feature, you are able to text any and all your app users while also having an organized section within your app that will have all your past texts and links to what you promoted available. Texts have a 95% open rate within 90 seconds so when using this tool, make sure to provide value and not just spam. Uses: – This will be the tool you use to communicate with your prospects. We gave this feature it’s very own section in your dashboard where you can not only setup text message alerts by date and time scheduling, but you can also duplicate each of these messages into your Facebook and Twitter feeds, making your social media and mobile marketing, truly automated! – Send out event updates, training call invites, promotional partners, causes, or just anything new with your brand that your followers would like to know. Email and social media get about a 10% open / view rate while texts get 95% within 90 seconds. I think you know where we are going with this…

22.Mortgage Calculator Tab: For anyone in the mortgage or real estate industry, this is a must have feature that lets you simply calculate the mortgage for any size loan instantly from the app itself. Uses: – Real estate agents, lenders, brokers, anyone looking to provide value to the real estate industry.

23.Music Tab: This is a function to let you promote audio with a link to purchase or learn more. Simply add the audio MP3, name it with artist, title, album, and description, with the ability to add a purchase link. You can setup the music to auto play or set it up to play upon request. Also comes available with home-screen widget to have quick access to music library. Uses: – Promote music if you are an artist or producer – Use this audio section to give audio tour of your app or greeting message – Promote audio-books or digital products by using audio-promotion. The feature lets you put a MP3 along with a purchase link so feel free to think outside the box and use it to offer special offerings of your product or service.

24.News Tab: This is a unique feature in that it automatically gathers content articles from the web based on a certain key phrase you decide it searches for. For example. Let’s say you are in the real estate industry and you want to have a News Tab feature in your app. You can have it automatically populate articles based on keywords like “real estate news 2014” or whatever keyword or phrase you think of. It also lets you grab keywords from social media channels like Facebook & Twitter! Uses: – This a great value adding tool to put inside your app. Provide industry specific articles that automatically find you new ones in real time! No need to do any work yourself! Just fill in the blank with the key words you want and it will populate the content 24/7 for you! This will give you app users something new every time they open your app! – Use this tool to promote hashtags you create for social media campaigns. One of the incentive offers you can do is create a hashtag and let fans know anyone who uses this hashtag might get featured in your app since the News Tab will find that hashtag uses online and automatically populate that post in your app! Technology is amazing, huh?

25.Notepad Tab: Being on the go so much in today’s way of life always leaves us forgetting something. This notepad feature is another way to provide daily use value inside of your mobile app. What the Notepad Tab does is gives the user the ability to add notes inside of the app. The app will save the notes with a date and time stamp for the user to come back to review and even share the notes to their email or text to a friend. Simple but efficient and effective. Uses: – If your app offers training, how-to videos, or coaching, this would be a great feature to include as well so your user can keep all the notes about your brand in 1 place, and why not your app so they can keep coming back to you and your business.

26.PDF Tab: Have e-books to share or how-to guides? Maybe an online menu, whatever PDF you want to share, this is the feature to do it. Simple to integrate and update by simply clicking “Add” then “Upload” your PDF, name it and save. It’s that simple. Uses: – This feature could be used for a variety of promotions, whether that be a schedule, reports, standings, coupons, e-books, etc. The ability is for not only 1 PDF but as many as they want to share, all in 1 place.

27.Podcast Tab: Promote your audio or video podcast with this specially integrated feature. Uses: – Video or audio podcasts. Just copy and paste the URL and save. Then your podcast is just the click of a button away on your app!

28.QR Coupons Tab: QR Codes are the square bar codes that are very popular among avid consumer shoppers. 40% of QR codes scanned turned into a purchase and this feature will let you tackle this market head on. Create instant QR Coupons you can share that will promote anything you want to offer. Customization is key with even the ability to let the coupon be redeemed multiple times or not. Uses: – Any industry looking to provide incentive to their customer base to use their product more, or offer coupons for referrals, etc.

29.QR Scanner Tab: What good use would a QR Code coupon be without the ability to actually scan one. Most smartphones come equipped with their own QR scanner but in case it doesn’t, you can provide one directly to your users! Uses: – With any app that is using QR codes in their marketing campaigns. Doesn’t hurt to provide the technology to use the coupon within your app. It’s a great value added tool that makes your app a 1-stop shop for your industry. Best to use as much of what your capabilities are within your own app.

30.Real Estate Tab: If you sell real estate, this is the feature for you! This powerful tool lets you add in individual properties while also listing all the important information like home information, price, location with GPS directions, lot size, square footage, amenities, etc. Give your real estate business an online presence customized to what you offer. If you already have an online listing setup, no problem, anything you already have online can be integrated inside of the app so you can have everything in 1 place. You can also upload your CSV data right into the app and it will organize it all for you! Uses: – Must have feature for listing your properties you have available while also giving driving directions to each property so you can provide additional value to your customers. This is another tool to give you easy solutions to doing business with you. When you make it easy, your customers appreciate it.

31.Reservation Tab: Give your business the ability to setup online reservations and appointments from your app! The reservation tab can be integrated with many online reservation leaders like Front Desk, Booksteam, and Groupon. Track reservations and even send out confirmation emails to your customers. Uses: – For any business looking to take online reservations for appointments or dining in. Restaurants, insurance, attorneys, plumbers, etc.

32.RSS Feed Tab: Have an RSS Feed you want integrated. No problem! Just copy and paste your RSS feed URL and you are all set! It’s that easy! Uses: – If you don’t know what an RSS feed is, you probably don’t need one.

33.Social Tab: Another unique brand value building tool you can provide within your mobile app! The Social Tab feature will automatically tally the amount of interactions the user does within the app and gives them points based on how much usage they do on your app. This is a great feature to see who your top users are and give them shout outs. The more they are using your app, the more they are sharing your app. Great way to build brand awareness. Uses: – Any app that wants users to share their app more and interact as much as possible. The user will be able to see their own stats and you as the app owner will have these stats available for all your users in the online dashboard.

34.Sports Stats Tab: A simple score keeping feature that allows you to add a list of options to either add or subtract points to. The results can then be emailed to a certain administrator to be shared or archived. Uses: – This would be a good feature for apps that involve sports to be able to provide another unique value building tool for everyday use.

35.Tell Friend Tab: Instantly share your app via this feature to a number of places. You can email, text, post to social media channels the link to your app so your users can promote your app for you. Uses: – Gives the app users the ability to share the link to download this app instantly. Who wouldn’t want that inside their app?

36.Tip Calculator Tab: You’ve probably had this happen before. Out with some friends grabbing a bit to eat when the check comes and everyone is trying to figure out who owes what and how much. Solve all those problems with the Tip Calculator Tab. Calculate full checks with tip along with being able to separate by how many were in the party! Uses: – Value building tool to give your app users something for their everyday use. The more they use your app, the more they see your brand. Great for any service based industry that wants to have customers tip their service providers.

37.Voice Recording Tab: This feature turns your app into its very own voice recorder! Use it to let users record themselves and will then let the user email that recording to you. There are many uses for this tool. Uses: – Have users send testimonials about your brand via recorded message! – Get app users to send you their karaoke samples! – Audio communication line with your prospects, fans, or customers!

38.Walkthrough Tab: Let’s you give a point by point breakdown of what your app does and how to access each feature and function. Uses: – Gives you a better shot at getting approved by Apple quicker so they know what your app does.

39.Website Tab: Whether you have 1 website or 100, this feature lets you put them all in 1 place. Listed by a thumbnail and name, you can put as many website URLs as you want in this section. Uses: – Highlight all products & services offered online, multiple affiliate programs, all social media channels, different landing pages or online offers. This feature gives you the ability to consolidate it all so you no longer need to send your prospects to 10 different places. Just have them download the app and you’ll have all your websites in 1 place.

40.WuFoo Form Tab: WuFoo’s innovative HTML form builder helps anyone create beautiful forms, online surveys and invitations without writing a single line of code. Uses: – Design custom web forms to capture leads using your mobile app. We have a fully integrated platform for WuFoo users that will make your online forms look beautiful!

41.YouTube Channel Tab: Have your own YouTube channel? We’ve specially made a feature just for you then! Just copy and paste your YouTube channel URl and save! That’s it! It will automatically populate your “Featured” “Popular” and “Recent” videos by tabs. Uses: – Instantly integrate your YouTube channel into its own feature right inside your app! Get a mobile friendly view of your YouTube channel without having to leave your app to watch a video!

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Why your business needs a mobile app today

Custom BrandingWith 224 million active smartphone users in the US alone, it’s imperative for your business to have a presence on the biggest community in marketing today. It’s hard not to find someone who won’t agree that mobile is the future of online marketing. We’re doing so much with our phones and tablets today that we’re doing away with bulky desktops & laptops; deciding on more modern technology for our everyday lives. My focus since starting my company has been in 3 areas: social media, mobile marketing, and video marketing. In 2010, I noticed a growing trend in social media marketing but a lack in social media branding. Facebook was no doubt going to be the king of online media so that’s where I focused our efforts. From that market research, came the Facebook Sales Funnel. We found a missing nugget brands needed on Facebook which was the ability to brand themselves efficiently. Our product consists of an application we install on a Facebook page that allows us to use web design. Anything you can do on a website, you can now do on Facebook. We set it up to promote your offer and business 24/7. The concept took off and virtually every major brand on Facebook has some sort of this technology integrated in their Facebook branding. But even Facebook is no match for the smartphone market, with an impressive 150 million users, Facebook is still small in comparison to the 224 million smartphones currently being used daily in the US. Most brands aren’t marketing efficiently on mobile and most aren’t even marketing on mobile at all! Not only is mobile the most cost effective cost per click available, a mobile app can build brand value, give user functionality, and allow you to promote your business like nothing else! Now you may be thinking, “I have a mobile website, that’s good enough, right?” WRONG! 85% of smartphone users prefer doing business via a native mobile app vs. a mobile website! Here are some other amazing facts about the mobile marketing industry you may not know: 1. If your website is not mobile friendly, 80% of mobile visitors will leave within 60 seconds 2. Text message offers are redeemed 8x more than emailed offers! 3. Text messages have a 95% open rate within 90 seconds! 4. Americans spend at least 2 hours a day on their cell phones! 5. More than 90% of Americans keep their phone no farther than arms reach 24 hours a day! 6. The #1 mobile ad provider, with 16% of all traffic, comes from Facebook Ads! 7. Some mobile ad providers offer clicks as low as $0.01 per click to your mobile website or app! 8. There are 1.4 billion Smartphone users worldwide!

by Manny Lopez, founder & CEO Custom Online Branding