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‘2000 Twitter Rule’- Overcome this limitation using a Business Network.

Twitter is the second largest social network in the world, and this reality must not be neglected if you want to succeed in today’s competitive market.  Twitter has over two billion hits per month, with a stay time of ten minutes per hit. 28% of Twitter visitors live in the USA.

Every social network has rules which help protect performance and avoid the indiscriminate use of the network.

Twitter is no exception. One of the rules is the so-called “2000 Rule,” which simply means you will not get more than 2.000 followers unless you create a larger network of followers.

That’s the reason why my company likes to analyze the “Twitter Network.” Many of the corporate accounts do not grow fast enough, and they stop using this “Network” as a mean of prospecting future consumers.

So, the big question is how to overcome “Rule 2000,” maintain and grow exponentially a system of prospect for the consumers.

Many businesses are turning to companies who sell them “lists” of prospective consumers.

This type of tactic is not recommended for local businesses. Many of those “purchased followers” are not interested in the local business. You may end up with a large number of followers which will never become qualified and active consumers.  Another reason is that having a large number of followers whose origins are dubious may actually hurt your business image and reputation.

Our strategy is to grow your Twitter account using a  Automated Prospection System for Local Small Business and Online Business.“L.B.N.” (Local Business Network).

As I shared in my previous article, “local” businesses all have the same goal: get qualified consumers from their immediate geographical area.

“L.B.N.” (Local Business Network) aims to create a collaborative approach to grow the number of prospective consumers.

Once “L.B.N.” is working towards breaking the “Rule 2000,” our administrators will immediately notify businesses that comprise the network in the area to follow the account of this new member. This will insure a smooth growth to unlimited numbers. We believe an account can grow considerably in one or two weeks.

Get Started -Jump Over the ‘2000 Twitter Rule’

Inside of Twittmate . Logical way of working.

This system of prospecting works entirely friendly to Twitter; complying with all the rules of this Network. One rule that limits any third-party application Twitter abuse of this Network is the Rule 2000. Later we tell about it.
Now explain how to work with this tool to create a Network of small local businesses.
Twittmate as a marketing tool needs to be administered one time weekly. The quota that we can assign each twitter account that will be used to prospect must be allocated according to the search criteria wishing business. This assignment is done manually and only we know what kind of customer need.
If the interest is to locate local customers; in this case the search criterion is the area where the business. But then, we use the common use of reason, much more can filter the type of customer prospecting when we see what we want is the taste of them, manifested in the social network. This type of work cannot do a program; because they are designed sequentially and we humans think so strategic for best results.
To understand better, see an example. If a business in a city, you want to connect to their local customers through twitter so they can find if you locate in the same city of twitter accounts of local institutions and personalities such as churches, pastors, Politicians, doctors, schools and even local businesses. They all have in common that people who follow these Twitter accounts live local.

Therefore; will indicate prospecting system to send 200 invitations to the followers of these accounts.
As network administrators of small businesses will use the following strategy; we will be integrating local businesses and establishing that they accept invitations from other businesses; until they are competitive businesses.

The reason for this strategy is that this will be an efficient way to generate more followers so organic or natural. Twitter as a social network, a message from a user can be seen by the followers of the other as long as a common bond for acceptance.
Imagine that a message from you to a follower who has 500 followers; can be seen by those followers still not having relationship with you. This will increase the chance that they will integrate their Network of followers. Thus, not only have new followers by Twittmate; also organically.
In my personal experience, 100% of my followers, 85% is contributed by the Twittmate; and 15% arrive so organically.

Introduction to prospecting system Twittmate

Twittmate is a system of prospecting; who uses twitter as a link interface with customers.
Twittmate is designed to find customers 100% qualified under criteria that meet the niche that this prospecting.
These criteria are given by the interests of the client, its behaviors, custom audiences and its geographical position. These three criteria are very easy to detect in Twitter profiles.
Twittmate was designed to prospect customers while meeting all the requirements Twitter requires us to use their platform.
Twitter allows us daily follow amount of followers and not intermittently. Twittmate operates under a quota of automatic monitoring, distributed throughout the day; so that it operates as a person. This makes Twittmate protect our users’ accounts.
My experience working for a year with Twittmate has allowed me a 16% retention daily Followers on a quota of 200 daily invitations.
But Twittmate is a tool that can have a much higher performance when working under a business marketing strategy as excluding businesses that are mutual competition; a geographical area all want to have contact with their local customers.

Twitter as a social network, and the criteria that profiles can qualify, we allow using a tool like Twittmate; all members of a community around business; they come in contact with local businesses where people live.
Thus businesses may establish a steady relationship with Local customers in a non-invasive manner. As you know, as a follower likes the content to provide a business, a social network; these will be available to buy at a given time or use a service.