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Our project aims to help all Local Small Business and churches in the U.S. to have a broader relationship with the communities. For this we propose to create a Network between Communities members, the business plan that will help our communities to receive useful services for their spiritual development, work and family.

We intend that this website is a reference point for people wanting to do something different to improve their lives but in a correct way. Instructing both spiritually and professionally, we support many people eager to succeed in their lives. To God, the key to success is service to others in a comprehensive and unlimited.

There are many elements that unite us in providing the service to the community. Many activities such as health fairs, seminars Marriage Seminars Eating Habits, Family Planning Seminars and fundraising campaigns by food sales are being developed by our Churches and the level of community participation is limited by the little scope of propaganda that is done the same.

Our team wants to make available to all our users all the tools available for these activities to reach many more people. Many companies within our communities could support these activities by presenting calendars of them to their workers. But at the same time access to the actual demand of labor forces within our community.

Our team and work colleagues want to give a free service to all the churches that are committed to the work of the gospel. To seek ways that help us to self-finance all our work, adding products and services that bring real benefits to our communities, whether financial, social, professional and family.

Jorge Carlos Rodriguez Aguilar


How Regional Confederations beneficiary to create a Churches Structure with ACN to keep food donation program for Children

4Life Research and ACN compensation plans, help us to create Donation Network sustainable; and teamwork is highly valued and encouraged.

If the Donations program is led from a Regional Confederation many churches covering the planning Donation Network structure would be very beneficial. Compensation plans for MLM encourage teamwork with Bonds.

That will help us with an example:

  1. A confederation that has 25 associated services and create a 3 Front structure, and each holds 200 Customer Points Front under its structure will allow Confederation to receive 25,000 dollars in bonds this month. All this without counting the residual of the contracted services in this Network. More details see ACN Compensation Plan.
  2. A Confederation possessing in their structure of Churches organized in 3 Front, with 7 levels deep and each church holds services 25 $ 40 each, you would allow the Confederation to purchase 175, 380 dollars annually. More details see ACN Compensation Plan
  • As you can see not only the confederation may have funds because the waste would pay all the people associated with their churches, but also would get bonds teamwork. If we add that every Church of the Confederation would have its own compensation and their churches under its structure, we would be ensuring sustained donation process towards children or other humanitarian program.

How Regional Confederations beneficiary to create a structure Churches with their churches with 4Life Research to keep food donation program at the Children?

One of the reasons I decided 4Life Research Grant put the Fortify for Feed The Children, as a product marketing over to their IBO; was to achieve big problem avoid possessing the non-profit organizations such as Feed The Children of lacking donation program of sustained and stable.

Feed The Children has been constantly looking for new donors, since it has an average of 6 months of stay of these donors. This often endangers long-term programs.

The reasons can be many for this to happen, but the main cause is the financier situation by passing donors; during the period of economic crisis which we live. The church as an active part of the community has the ability to reach individuals, institutions and small businesses that might contribute to the donation process.

A structure created between churches could get the maximum performance maximum compensation plan that has 4Life Research in its compensation program. 4Life research is able to compensate up to 64% of product sales.

So, a Network between churches could benefit from 4Life total royalties paid for participating in the Network.

For more information see Compensation Plan of 4Life Research.

Getting to the Goal of 1 Million donation bags to feed the Children?

Only working together between the Churches. The aim of the Donation Network is conducting a process of integration through orientation, preparation and supply of tools that can be used by all churches.

Our team would provide to all databases Churches business around its area of action of the Churches for using a promotional campaign can lead members of the area community to become actively involved in the network of donation.

4Life Research’s and ACN have all qualified personnel willing to support this program. There is a work plan designed for this purpose, both companies have regional headquarters and cities in all states, it would help us to repair the members perform the task to support the Network. The project’s website has all the information needed to guide the work.

A church of 50 families could generate a total of $ 12,500 dollars in public services bills, which would mean about $ 1.250 for the donation program (110 food bags per month)

With only 1,000 churches integrate these features to Grants Network we could reach 100,000 bags of food to donate to the Children, what would mean, Bags over 1million annually.