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Diligence , the key to successful business

Many people choose to take on their natural abilities to undertake any project in life. God gives gifts to each of us so we can effectively discharge every task in life come their way. Not everyone possesses these gifts, so we have to expect that not everyone will reach a level of fulfillment of these tasks, so eventually the dissatisfaction and frustration level can be very high.

But as to reverse those results, and to achieve success in our endeavors even using our weaknesses. Well the only way is to understand it means to possess the skill of diligence and how to apply in every aspect of our lives.

For our own interpretation, being a diligent, involved a constant level of consecration of our days, our hours and minutes to something that will bring pure performance on the time and effort invested. Do the things you have to do on time, at the highest level possible, regardless of what is requested or expected. It means to bring creativity, persistence and even other people, and resources, in an effort to achieve extraordinary results.

As you can see, this concept is very specific, but has a universal character. God created day and night, and gave his definition. The men learned by necessity; create the hours and minutes to organize our activities. Therefore, from here we learn that is a must for any human endeavor, organizing or planning time our tasks, to devote so in a manner consistent well as efficient our capabilities. If we are unable to measure how efficient we are with the skills that we have, we would be running the risk of a project get started in our lives that require those skills at a higher level, end in failure.

But this concept leads us to recognize, that if a person does not have the skills to reach your goal, is to have the ability to integrate into their performance to others. And this integration is concerned, ideas, councils and even the invitation to be part of the overall project and receive the blessings that it can bring.

Therefore, we can say that our failures will be able to be associated on the one hand a lack of awareness of the concept and also a lack of humility not to recognize that in the absence of recourse to an aid skills would be the best solution.

It is in this point where we want as many people to solve their problems no matter its nature and not having the ability to be diligent, they attribute their failures to a particular person, to an institution, business or production system.

How Church receive benefit,when any member becomes IBO?

Any member of the community when it becomes IBO under structure of the Church would bring great benefit to the  fund-raising donations program and self-financing of the Church.

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The reason of it is that the compensation plans of these MLM support teamwork and encourages more experienced members to support new members.

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