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Working together, we ensure a great success

The best solution for the growth of local Community is
integrated into a network with local Small Business members

The small local businesses can grow faster
when working together with the community.

Our strategies will make grow the Non-profit organization inside
of the community and Local Small Businesses.

Non Profit Organization can promote
his activities total free

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Automatic Prospecting System to find local Community Members

Free Marketing for Non Profit Organization

Local Open Jobs Referral

Free Online Marketing University Referral

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About Company

The project  DonationCommunityNetwork born when gradually the wisdom of the Word of God begins to work in my life and heart. For more than two years working in Real Estate Company, which implements the use of technology to promote the services of these companies.

At the beginning of the year 2013; visiting a library God put me in contact with a wonderful book. The Richest Man Who Ever Lived: King Solomon’s Secrets to Success, Wealth, and Happiness, written by Steve K. Scott. This book Christian oriented business world changed my perception of life and also gave me a vision of what I would like to do for the rest of my life.

We understood that new marketing products are not effective if you do not have a defined marketing strategy. In most cases, they are products with sequential technology and non-strategic. The reality is that we can not leave in the hands of technology, our findings. Humans are strategic, we adapt to the environment; and in the case of marketing must adapt to customer needs.

Thus was born,  DonationCommunityNetwork, a project to help peoples,Local Small Business and Non Profit. Our mission is to create Local Network , integrating local people,local Non profit and Local Small Business . Bringing products and services to help us fund the project, so that our Local Non Profit Organization receive a free service.

American Communication Network can be an effective way to finance this project and Support Project Feeding Kids. Yourfirstwaymarketing, provide for us marketing tools and strategy to support this project. 4Life Fortify program, designed to help the children of the world in collaboration with Feed the Children.

This project is a project open to anyone wanting to serve others, applying their knowledge or will you finance through their contributions that help keep the project active for many years. We are open to receive any council to help us provide a quality service.

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Our great team members

Eng.Jorge Rodriguez,CEO
Pastor Nicolas Cruz,Adviser

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