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There are many elements that unite us in providing the service to the community. Many activities such as health fairs, seminars Marriage Seminars Eating Habits, Family Planning Seminars and fundraising campaigns by food sales are being developed by our Churches and the level of community participation is limited by the little scope of propaganda that is done the same.

Our team wants to make available to all our users all the tools available for these activities to reach many more people. Many companies within our communities could support these activities by presenting calendars of them to their workers. But at the same time access to the actual demand of labor forces within our community.

Our team and work colleagues want to give a free service to all the churches that are committed to the work of the gospel. To seek ways that help us to self-finance all our work, adding products and services that bring real benefits to our communities, whether financial, social, professional and family.

Jorge Carlos Rodriguez Aguilar