One of the reasons I decided 4Life Research Grant put the Fortify for Feed The Children, as a product marketing over to their IBO; was to achieve big problem avoid possessing the non-profit organizations such as Feed The Children of lacking donation program of sustained and stable.

Feed The Children has been constantly looking for new donors, since it has an average of 6 months of stay of these donors. This often endangers long-term programs.

The reasons can be many for this to happen, but the main cause is the financier situation by passing donors; during the period of economic crisis which we live. The church as an active part of the community has the ability to reach individuals, institutions and small businesses that might contribute to the donation process.

A structure created between churches could get the maximum performance maximum compensation plan that has 4Life Research in its compensation program. 4Life research is able to compensate up to 64% of product sales.

So, a Network between churches could benefit from 4Life total royalties paid for participating in the Network.

For more information see Compensation Plan of 4Life Research.