Feed The Children organization joins 4Life project to create a unique product for feeding hungry children and health care needs around the world. For them it was a great honor to be a participant in the humanitarian project that has developed 4Life, where Feed the Children brings experience of more than 50 years developing food banks to help people in need around the world and 4Life Research, a unique product based on an enriched rice with vitamins and transfer factors ready to be prepared in the worst conditions. A bag of this product fed between 12 and 24 children depending on age. 4Life also adds a fifth bag every time someone done four of them.

One of the great problems of non-profit organizations such as Feed The Children, is that donors have an average maintenance to humanitarian support about 6 months. Given this, 4Life Research made ​​the decision to put the 4Life Fortify within the compensation plan of the company to its Independent Distributors to help promote these donations and the same month were kept reaching every hungry child in the world through Feed the Children.

This was a great incentive for institutions to incorporate 4Life Research as Independent Distributors and the same will benefit the 4Life compensation plan to cover expenses of their own programs.

Thus churches and nonprofit institutions have created their dealer codes to promote donations for children while others may find funding for humanitarian programs by 4Life compensation program.