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IFTTT Review

Popular automation service If This Then That (IFTTT for short)

IFTTT, made by the company with the same, is an online tool which, in the most basic sense, automates your online/digital life by helping two different online services — a social network, online tool, or email provider — to talk to each other, where they never did before.

IFTTT is an acronym for “if this, then that,” a statement familiar to computer users with basic programming knowledge. It’s also a web-based service that makes it possible to connect disparate services using a trigger and an action, known as a “recipe.” Recipes can be as basic as backing up Instagram photos to Dropbox, but with the right hardware, IFTTT can even turn the lights on in your home when the sun goes down. These combinations are made possible by nearly 70 (and counting) “channels,” which include popular services like Evernote, Facebook, and more.

Please visit his free website to learn more how you can promote your content over many Social Media Channel

IFFF recipesUsing this Tools with Twittmate we can create a great platform to promote your content automatic in many Channel.