Twittmate is a system of prospecting; who uses twitter as a link interface with customers.
Twittmate is designed to find customers 100% qualified under criteria that meet the niche that this prospecting.
These criteria are given by the interests of the client, its behaviors, custom audiences and its geographical position. These three criteria are very easy to detect in Twitter profiles.
Twittmate was designed to prospect customers while meeting all the requirements Twitter requires us to use their platform.
Twitter allows us daily follow amount of followers and not intermittently. Twittmate operates under a quota of automatic monitoring, distributed throughout the day; so that it operates as a person. This makes Twittmate protect our users’ accounts.
My experience working for a year with Twittmate has allowed me a 16% retention daily Followers on a quota of 200 daily invitations.
But Twittmate is a tool that can have a much higher performance when working under a business marketing strategy as excluding businesses that are mutual competition; a geographical area all want to have contact with their local customers.

Twitter as a social network, and the criteria that profiles can qualify, we allow using a tool like Twittmate; all members of a community around business; they come in contact with local businesses where people live.
Thus businesses may establish a steady relationship with Local customers in a non-invasive manner. As you know, as a follower likes the content to provide a business, a social network; these will be available to buy at a given time or use a service.