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After several years of research thoroughly,
the matter of what would be the best method
for generating traffic, list, revenue and
reputation on the Internet through
social networks, we come to the undeniable
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, is the first worldwide program that integrates:

Everything the potential of Twitter applied
to Internet marketing in online business
and offline business

Voice Experience the true experts
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Twittmate, proved to be the right tool
to create our Business Network:

For Three months of testing
we have had the expected results.

- Over 8000 Followers ,
100% qualified based on
our market niche.

Our Strategy can help marketing
using Twitter and generate
Devastating results!

We have found that the only way
to defeat the rule 2000 of Twitter is
to integrate into a Network;
where we all support.

We've created a structure
to manage Twittmate for you
, if you do not have time.

We can help you create marketing
campaigns .Never feel alone
to achieve your business success.

-We Will work to attract local
customers and you will be 100%
occupied in retention and care.

-We A study of prospecting areas
and cities, and make local customers
know about your business.

Savings $30,000 USD in PPC

Marketing Research

Our business model is to work with products on strategies that generate substantial profits to Local Small Business.

We use Yourfirstwaymarketing as prospecting system to find the right customer at the business premises.
ImageWe calculated based on the public Twitter accounts, potential local customers who might be invited to meet local businesses.  In this figure, we find potential customers in the area of about 110,000 potential customers can arrange locales.

With just a Twitter account, we have the capacity, to automatically invite 5000 local people. We are achieving between 10%-18% retention; what is the same thing that more than 500 people that are part of our social network.

Depending on  Twitter accounts, involved in promoting business; the number of Monthly invitations can range from 500-4,000 Monthly. This will allow them to fully cover your geographical area soon.

I would like to invite you to know how much they would cost on Facebook or Google AdSense, have daily  200  visits (hits) to your website. With Yourfirstwaymarketing would be almost free to compare the potential savings.

Businesses and organizations must learn to work with their employees; these can help a lot to the business result. A clear example is that a retail store whose employees earn commission; can make online sales; while working is their store. Yourfirstwaymarketing is responsible for sharing valuable content of the products to local customers.

The more local web traffic, the greater the chance of sales within local businesses. And remember, many customers have connected their Facebook accounts with Twitter. Each time a customer share good content provided by you or your organization on Twitter; will be shared on Facebook.
Using another free tool like IFTTT, we can promote other social networks. This is part of our strategies to help all members of our network.


Network Presentation