Our project is conceived to involve our Local Community members to sharing content and services.

We divided the project into four modules:
1. Marketing for local Non Profit Organization in our community.
2. Promote Open Job opportunities in our community.
3. Marketing for Local Small Businesses and Services.
4. Community Sharing Training Center.

Marketing for Non Profit Organization.

Promotion activities from Local Non Profit Organization


We use our business Social Media Network to promote activities developed in our community. Engaging business owners to participate in the project by sharing this activities with his local followers.

The activities to be announced can help our community. Examples of these activities are Health Fairs, Food fairs, seminars marriages.

Under this concept we have incorporated 4Life Fortify donation program, which helps hungry children in the U.S. and around the world, and yet under the 4Life compensation program would help to self-finance our Churches. And with the desire to expand the great experience of pastors as Pator Angel Molina, who once achieved success in 4Life, has been able to create with their own finances five churches and fund two of them. This donation program is administered by Feed the Children.

ACN is other we referral to use with her program Will Play for Food Fondation. When you become an ACN customer, and pay your bill each month, you are feeding a child. It doesn’t get more simple or more powerful than that!

Promote Open Job opportunities in our community.

Local Recruiting Companies and Local Small Business will promote his Open job position in our Local Social Media Network. Local community members sharing content, and increase opportunities of local member cover Local Open position.

Creation of services to promote Local Small Businesses and services

Search methods for self-financing of the project and integration of local Small Business to network.
There are local businesses that they are not allowed to have funds to pay for advertising campaigns on radio or TV. We will make disposition of these companies the ability to use our services at good prices; when they participate in the project they would generate funds to finance Marketing for Non Profit organization in their area.

Community Sharing Training Center

Creating a community training center in different specialties , where community members can increase their achievements.Having specialized information in different areas, to increase the cultural level of the community.

Introducing Wealthy Affiliate Free Online Marketing University.There are millions of different ideas that you could potentially tap into online and we are going to help you come up with your very own “topic” within Wealthy Affiliate.
In our communities there are specialists who could contribute to the cultural development of the communities.We can sharing his content.
We can create a blog that will allow us to engage the community sharing their opinions .